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sun1.jpgI just found this lovely, simple morning meditation on the site

An excerpt (ok, well, most of it):

…In a seated pose, focus on your breath. Cultivate a steady, relaxed breath. Then ask yourself: What is my intention today? After posing the question, rest your attention on the out-breath. This creates a spaciousness of attention on the in-breath. There is no direction for the in-breath. Do not get carried away by thinking, but also do no tightly control the attention.

Continue to notice each out breath. Sit until you are struck by a clarity of intention. It comes not by chasing it down with thinking, but by stilling the mind and creating space. It may take a few minutes, or much longer. If no specific intention announces itself to you, simply commit to acting ethically and with mindfulness. That is certainly an intention that we can all practice each day.

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