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What’s in a grandparent name?  A lot of meaning, I think. 

My four grandparents were split in the name department.  My dad’s parents were Nana and Papa, simple, loving grandparent names that fit their traditional sensibilities. 

My mom’s parents were a little different.  My grandfather was H.B., his first and middle name initials. 
It was a perfect name for a man of great dignity who really knew how to
make a granddaughter feel special.  As a kid I felt like I was in on a
little secret because I knew what those two letters stood for….

My grandmother, who died this past weekend, was Gaga, a name that captured her wildly creative streak.  There’s just no way that this woman would be a “Grandma” or a “Granny,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Imagine my delight when I discovered a brand of (delicious) sherbet called Gaga’s, named for the founder’s grandmother.  There is another….

What were your grandparents’ grand-names?  Did they chose their names, or did  grandkids’ nicknames stick?

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