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The economic downturn is real. Unemployment is high, business is down, people are grapping with horrible realities of home loss–these are scary times. There’s an overall tone of gloom. Here in NYC people are extra-crabby on the subway (I hearby …Read More

I went to a Bikram yoga class this morning for the first time in almost a year. It’s the kind of uber-sweaty yoga done in a room that’s about 115 degrees. I actually like the heat, it’s the meanie teachers …Read More

I am overwhelmed with the kind and supportive words of condolence that I’ve gotten as I mourn my grandmother Gaga.  First and foremost, thank you.  All the talking and emailing about Gaga has reminded me of something that I find …Read More

Tip: Be Gentle with Yourself Give yourself a lot of space. When you lose someone you love, parts of you go crazy. Your emotions go on a rollercoaster. Let them go crazy. Cry when you need to cry, laugh if …Read More

What’s in a grandparent name?  A lot of meaning, I think.  My four grandparents were split in the name department.  My dad’s parents were Nana and Papa, simple, loving grandparent names that fit their traditional sensibilities.  My mom’s parents were …Read More

My grandmother Gaga died this weekend–on a Saturday, in fact, just like her husband my grandfather did 13 years ago, and her son my uncle did 2 years ago.  A literary touch, perfect for a larger-than-life woman. What can any …Read More

If you’re interested in which foods have the most or least pesticides, check out the new What’s On My Food? database created by the Pesticide Action Network. (PAN). It requires a little bit of number-sorting, but it’s really helpful, especially …Read More

It took me months to learn how to flip my single over-medium breakfast egg without a) using a spatula or b) making a splattering mess all over my kitchen.  But now that I (usually) can do it, it’s a skill …Read More

Welcome to a post by our guest blogger for today, Tootsie Bellittera. She wrote this funny, touching post on Facebook to honor MJ. It captures that Michael Jackson fever essence so many of us grew up with. Thought you might …Read More

My farmer’s market has an egg stand this year, which makes me extremely happy.  You can’t beat eggs that you know were laid days earlier by birds that live happy lives on pastoral fields, nudging grass and grubs and other …Read More