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emuoil.gifA couple of weeks ago when I was recovering from bronchitis, my lips were so chapped they were ready to fall off–it hurt to smile. For days I had been addictively applying my Aveda lip balm and some other health food store lip balm, to almost no effect. Then my friend Loren whipped out the Emu Lip Refresher. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other since we were 16, but she was willing to share with germy old me, and Oh. My. Gawd. Within the first few hours I could smirk, two days later my lips were smoooth. If I could do an informercial, I would.

Only problem is, the magic ingredient is emu oil. I like emus (tall ostrichy birds from Down Under) and generally don’t like to consume animals unless it’s essential. The company that makes the balm I’m using, Thunder Ridge Emu Products, makes a zillion petroleum-free emu-based products, from vitamins to cuticle cream. They claim the stuff is anti-inflammatory and heals everything from fostbite to scars to acne. My concerns are slightly alleviated by knowing the oil comes from organic, free-range emus on a ranch in Virginia; the company gets its name from the Australian aborigines’ nickname for the howling creatures: “thunder chickens.” So, it all depends how you feel about animal-based cosmetics, no matter how happy the living animals. I’m ambivalent. But man, thunder chicken has made my lips very happy. Oh, and it’s only $3.50 a pop.  


Do you have a favorite healing lip balm? Please share!