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It’s shaping up to be an interesting week in health news.  Here are 3 tidbits that jumped off the (web)page at me:

  • A daily glass of wine–or any other alcoholic drink–is a major health risk for women.  According to a new British study, a daily drink increases the chances women will develop a number of cancers.  This, of course, flies in the face of previous research that touted the health benefits of a daily tipple….

  • The “fish pedicure” spa treatment, where dozens of tiny, live carp are used to clean dead skin off of feet, has been banned in Florida, making that the fourth state to prohibit the treatment (others: Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Washington).

  • Waiting for the results of a breast biopsy causes the same changes in stress hormones as hearing news that you have cancer, according to a new Harvard University study.  Researchers say these hormone responses need to be managed because heightened stress can compromise the woman’s immune system if she needs to begin cancer treatment.

Comments, thoughts, reactions?  I for one am all for crazy spa stuff, but my feet are so ticklish that I would unintentionally commit carp-genocide if ever faced with such a treatment.  So good riddance!

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