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sun1.jpgFrom Victoria Moran, Beliefnet’s incredibly talented Life Coach blogger:

“I don’t always bound out of bed with grand expectations about the day ahead, but when I can hear my grandmother saying, ‘This is a day the Lord has made: I will rejoice and be glad in it,’ it helps. And when I get up at the early side of morning instead of the snooze-alarm side, ah, what a difference!

1.    It stretches out the morning. You could even see it as a way of  living longer.
2.    There’s no excuse not to meditate.
3.    Or go to the gym.
4.    You’ll be sure and make your bed before you leave the house. Just remembering that you did that gives you a better day.
5.    There’s time for a real breakfast.”

For five more reasons to get up early, click here for Victoria’s full post.

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