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Call it Lord of the Rings Syndrome (LOTRS). Remember how we all thought that The Return of the King was going to end with Aragorn’s coronation and the whole company bowing before the hobbits? It seemed fitting. But then the […]

Here at Flunking Sainthood we’re happy to give some time to author Matt Litton, a teacher here in my adopted hometown of Cincinnati. Matt looks at Harper Lee‘s modern classic To Kill a Mockingbird — celebrating its 50th anniversary this […]

Flunking Sainthood is delighted to talk today with author Eric Metaxas, whose study of theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer sets a new standard for popular biography. It’s well-written! It’s fascinating! And it’s large enough to insulate your home! Eric, when Thomas Nelson […]

We’ve been way too serious here at Flunking Sainthood lately. And since no one knows how to have fun quite like the Amish, let’s spend some time with them. I have an enduring love affair with the Amish that started […]

This month witnesses a surprising development in the relaunching of, the LDS Church’s website for visitors and non-Mormons. (It runs another website,, which is primarily geared for church members, with links to lessons, talks, lime Jell-O recipes, and […]

Well, here we go. David’s turning evil. Even here at Flunking Sainthood, where there’s quite a lot of grace for spiritual screwups, these actions sure aren’t ones we want to emulate. David’s downfall happens quickly: he stays home from battle […]

The new Arizona immigration law is set to go into effect next week (July 29), and folks on both sides of the issue are busy marshaling their forces to either protest or implement it. Earlier this week, Arizona governor Jan […]

I heard a terrific NPR interview yesterday with William Powers, author of the new book Hamlet’s BlackBerry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age. I can’t wait to read the book, because he’s diagnosing a […]

Fun, fun! The Religion News Service blog is reporting that representatives of Jewish Funds for Justice have received over 1,000 entries so far in their Glenn Beck haiku contest.They’re particularly interested in people’s haiku comebacks to Beck’s controversial statements in […]

A couple of years ago I read the memoir Sundays in America by Suzanne Strempek Shea, a Massachusetts novelist. The author’s project was to attend a different religious service every weekend and write about her initial impressions. I felt that […]