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It’s a troubling development that can only be viewed as dangerous for Israel and the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic organization with ties to terrorism, is poised to take control of Egypt.

The group already has gained control of the country’s new parliament. And, now the organization is breaking a promise it made earlier. One of the top leaders is now poised to run for president, something the organization originally said it would not do.

With radical Islam on the rise in Egypt, this raises the stakes for peace – puts Israel at greater risk – and ultimately makes the Middle East even more dangerous.

There’s another disturbing move as well. Secretary of State Clinton has cleared the way for the U.S. to give the Egyptian military $1.3 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds – the same Egyptian military that recently allowed dozens of Christians to be slaughtered in the streets.

This is simply unacceptable. We cannot fund an Egypt supported by terrorists. That is exactly why we are pushing members of Congress to support legislation against funding Egypt. There’s already bi-partisan opposition in Congress, and now is the time to apply more pressure.

Join the bi-partisan call to stop U.S. taxpayer funds from going to a country that does not uphold religious freedom and basic human rights for many groups – including Christians and women. Take action. Sign on to our Petition to Stop Funding a Terrorist-Supported Egypt now.

Together, we can take a stand against the spread of radical Islam.

Jay Sekulow




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