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Spent a lot of time at our relative’s pool over the weekend, and it was really lovely. There was a lot of discussion abouut exercising and weight loss. I hated to be the bearer of news that didn’t jibe with …Read More

If you are in the U.S., we’re celebrating and honoring those who are not here with us.  The holiday was originally set to honor those dead from war and battles, but I like to remember everyone who has passed.  I …Read More

I recommend that you spend time with your family, if not today, then very soon. Even though you’re busy, you surely need human contact and connection. Family, though sometimes dramatic and challenging, is an immediate point of understanding and common …Read More

This Memorial Day, and every day, let us honor our ancestors, our fallen soldiers, and our long line of spiritual mothers and fathers. Let us honor them by seeing God in them, and in taking good care of ourselves. A …Read More

This coming weekend, in the US, it’s Memorial Day. You may have plans already, but just in case — have you thought about doing something a little different? How about a little mini-trip to a place you have never been …Read More

As the days go by, and I get healthier and healthier, I realize that I am getting more in touch with and connected to my body. You can too. As I’ve lost weight and been maintaining it for a long …Read More

Oh my gosh, this recipe is really delicious, if I may say.  Not fattening, either, but be sure to use the low-fat coconut milk and only have a small portion of it, savoring each bite and eating slowly. I made …Read More

Not an obvious association or something you might make: automobile accidents and obesity, but I recently read that obese folks may be experiencing an increased risk of fatalities in automobile crashes. According to a recent report in the American Journal …Read More

This is a really tasty recipe that’s better, and healthier for you – but it doesn’t taste like “heath food.”  No way!  Try it, you’ll like it. Dr. Norris Chumley’s Better Berry Muffins Spray or coat two muffin tins with …Read More

The world didn’t end.  We are still here.  Thank God. I’m grateful for the beautiful day.  The flowers are in bloom and so are the spring flowering trees.  The air is so clean and pure after days of spring showers. …Read More