Spent a lot of time at our relative’s pool over the weekend, and it was really lovely. There was a lot of discussion abouut exercising and weight loss. I hated to be the bearer of news that didn’t jibe with my family’s dreams.

While doing laps in the pool, I contemplated what I have learned over the years: swimming and methods such as water yoga and aqua therapy are great for stretching and toning muscles. But exercises in water really do not help us lose weight.

There are a few studies over the years that have indicated you really don’t lose weight because your body temperature doesnt get high enough to burn fat or many calories. If you swim for an hour, you’ll supposedly only burn 25 excess calories. Of course, you will feel great and have given your whole body a nice workout.

Champion swimmers do burn more calories as they are using a lot more muscles than amateurs. They have spent a lot of years perfecting and toning, to glide so quickly through water. But they don’t need to lose weight!

So by all means swim, but don’t try to shed excess weight with the water work. Be sure to put on a heavy layer of water-resistant sun block, too, about 20 minnutes before sunning.

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