This Memorial Day, and every day, let us honor our ancestors, our fallen soldiers, and our long line of spiritual mothers and fathers. Let us honor them by seeing God in them, and in taking good care of ourselves. A Memorial Day is a day of memory; the continuance of love everlasting.

We have been given a precious gift of life from our mother and father, and all our grandparents and great grandparents. Our Creator has endowed us with honor and humanity. We are living vessels for God on earth, and we must act in ways that nurture and honor Him.

We place flowers on the graves of our soldiers and sailors, those who have died serving our country. At the same time, let us pray for the end of war and conflict, so that eventually all nations and peoples can coexist in peace.

Our spiritual fathers and mothers, the teachers of God and faith, the saints and guides who show us that God loves us deserve praise, too. Let us honor them, by honoring God alive in us.

Today, and every day, let that long chain of love and life extend into your thoughts, words and actions. Be the very best you can be. Help others, teach everyone about this precious gift of life that God has given us.

Whom do you honor today? Please post a comment for Memorial Day.

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