This coming weekend, in the US, it’s Memorial Day. You may have plans already, but just in case — have you thought about doing something a little different? How about a little mini-trip to a place you have never been to, or haven’t been to for a long time. Somewhere only a short distance away, 50 miles maximum. It won’t cost much in gas, but might bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience.. You might also consider using public transportation to get there, or go with a group from church or a community center.

Do a search of nearby historic places, near to where you live. Discover the history of your town or county. Is there a historic museum, or sacred place? What about a location where a battle was staged, or a place where settlers first lived? How about an art museum, or local playhouse to see a live drama, musical or reading?

May be there are parks or state forests where you could take a picnic. Is there somewhere near water, such as a lake or river, where you could sit and reflect on the many gifts and graces that God has given you?

Take the opportunity to truly commemorate and memorialize your existence and homeland. Enjoy the richness that your home has to offer, right at your own backdoor, in your own backyard.

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