As the days go by, and I get healthier and healthier, I realize that I am getting more in touch with and connected to my body. You can too.

As I’ve lost weight and been maintaining it for a long time, I’m more sensitive to my body’s needs. Such as when I need to eat protein, or vegetables, fruits, and (the dangerous) carbohydrates. I crave protein occasionally, so I am sure to feed them to myself. When I must need minerals and extra vitamins and fiber my body tells me so, so it’s vegetables for me.

I also realize that I’m sensitive to temperature. Places that are too hot, or too cold just aren’t suitable for me. Also switching from a hot summer day into freezing cold airconditioning just doesn’t suit me.

If I’m overly tired, I need a nap! If my muscles or bones ache, I need regular exercise, or perhaps I’ve exercised too much.

How about you? The healthier and more improved you get, are you listening closer to your body? Are you becoming more conscious of your body’s needs? Please comment below.

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