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November 2010 Archives

We heard on Monday that Weight Watchers has made a change in their program. Their “Points” system has now been revised and replaced by e “Points Plus” program, which encourages more fruits and vegetables. Weight Watchers has had a point …Read More

There’s been a fad for the last three years or so for Acai  (pronounced ahh-sigh-eee), a berry from South America – mostly Brazil – with many weight loss products declaring that Acai can help you eat less, burn fat fast, …Read More

You bit your tongue. You suffered Aunt Sue’s lousy cooking. It was really rough when Bob stuffed his face with piles of seconds, thirds, and fourths — how is it possible for a human being to consume so much without …Read More

To those of you in the U.S., I wish you a wonderful, bountiful Thanksgiving. There is much to give thanks for, especially for waking up alive again this morning. Much to be thankful to God for the love we have …Read More

Here is a prayer that I will be praying at our Thanksgiving table. I thought I would share it with you, my dear friend, whom I am very thankful for. God,Thank you for our family gathered together today.For the bountiful …Read More

Do you pray? Have prayers made a difference in your life?  As I have been working on a movie and book about an ancient prayer, the Jesus Prayer, I would love to hear about your experiences with prayer. The ancient …Read More

As a prelude to Thanksgiving, I’d like to revisit this recipe, that may be a delicious prelude to your Thanksgiving menu this year. ——- The word for “corn” is “succotash” from the native language of the Narragansett Indians. Originally from …Read More

I had lunch at a really sweet cafe yesterday. The food was great, service fast and friendly. The place was pretty crowded, though, as others must have agreed that it was great. So we had to sit fairly close to …Read More

My wonderful wife, Catherine Stine, author and book blogger herself, loves to watch TV shows where women talk. A big fan of “The View” for years, she’s now also into “The Talk.” Frankly, I’m not so talkative or into hearing …Read More

If you like meat, especially “the other kind of white meat” (chuckle) pork, this recipe is for you.  It features delicious autumn apples, with a hint of molasses (or sorghum).  It’s a fast recipe, and totally simple, and awesomely delicious. …Read More