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This Memorial Day, and every day, let us honor our ancestors, our fallen soldiers, and our long line of spiritual mothers and fathers.  Let us honor them by seeing God in them, and in taking good care of ourselves.  A …Read More

Try this meditation today. It’s very peaceful. Do it BEFORE you overeat. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Focus your mind’s attention on your breathing: in and out, in and out. Do this for as long as you can. End …Read More

Sugar and sugar addiction is a big topic with me, and I know it is with a lot of our readers, too, going by the number of comments and page views we’ve received. Of course, the amounts of food I …Read More

Here are some weight loss ideas, and some methods to help you lose weight and continue a healthy diet and lifestyle. Losing weight is not just about eating less, it is also important to eat the best foods.  If you …Read More

Alright, the season is over and it was great.  It came down to two really excellent people, and performers. Who won American Idol tonight?  I was hugely surprised when it was Lee DeWyze. I had predicted throughout the season that …Read More

I was at dinner the other day, with my wife and her friend who was taking us out.  I ordered a “Monday Night Special”  that included appetizer, entrée and desert.  Feeling guity about it, while ordering I quickly reminded myself …Read More

Have you ever had that “love rush” feeling, where you experience connection with the earth, others, and yourself?  You feel a part of everything; you belong and are truly valuable? Time almost stands still in those moments of pure love.  …Read More

Here’s a helpful, inspiring idea for your day, today.  Instead of seeing what’s wrong, see what’s right.  Further, try to see love present all around you. As you come into contact with people, turn negative first impressions around.  Think about …Read More

Another reader’s inquiry.What do you do if small portions don’t fill you up? I recommend eating six small meals throughout the day: one serving (USDA Food Guide Pyramid size) of grains, protein (meat or dairy), and a fruit or vegetable. This …Read More

I’ve always said that you don’t have to work out at the gym all day in order to control your weight. All you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day filled with consistent, moderate movement or activity. And …Read More