Sugar and sugar addiction is a big topic with me, and I know it is with a lot of our readers, too, going by the number of comments and page views we’ve received.

Of course, the amounts of food I overate when 400 pounds was a contributing factor to my obesity, as was the types of food.  I overate way too much fatty meats, ice-cream, cheese, and fried foods.

I would say now, some 16+ years in recovery that my worst problem was with sugar.  When I lost the excess weight permanently, entirely through God’s help and my determination to unlock several deeply held mysteries, it was sugar that was a leading culprit.

Having read the recent scientific study about sugar addiction actually affecting brain cells, in addition to behaviors that I posted recently, that confirmed what I knew circumstantially in myself – I was, and am still highly addicted to sugar.

Each day I struggle to not overeat sweets, or high-sugar content foods like cookies, candy, cakes, ice-cream.  As much as God has removed my compulsions and intense cravings, the addiction is still inside me and I must surrender it daily to God and work really hard not to overeat it.  It’s best I avoid sugar completely.

I believe I lost a lot of weight so many years ago by completely abstaining from sugar.  I couldn’t do it alone; it was only by the grace of God.  That’s how much sugar was a problem for me.

It’s clear to me that that sugar addiction is permanently etched into my brain-cells, and affects my body chemistry.  Something to always be vigilant about.  I recommend to you what I do for myself:  I either avoid sugar entirely, or work to limit it, only eating what my structured Food Plan allocates for myself.  This is determined individually, with an adviser or counselor. (I’d be happy to help you with this: details on my website  When I’m off sugar, I have some fruit if I experience a “sweet tooth,” but it takes awhile to wean myself off sugar to get to that point.

I guess being given problems to solve, and life itself is the real sweetness I crave.

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