Here are some weight loss ideas, and some methods to help you lose weight and continue a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Losing weight is not just about eating less, it is also important to eat the best foods.  If you truly want to lose weight, or maintain health, eat mostly vegetables, a little protein, and have vegetables or fruit for snacks.
  • Staying slimmer is about having a healthy routine.  If you eat donuts, candy, and pastries regularly, you’ll look and feel overstuffed like a donut, giant candy bar or a big pastry!  Eat small amounts of healthy foods, and you’ll feel better and look great.
  • Movement and physical exertion is really important.  Do it daily.  Make it fun.  My friend Betty, in her late 70’s, goes to the gym 3 times a week and does a fast walk, or a swim with friends.  That’s a great way to keep exercise enjoyable.  I like classes; I take a dance class or two each week, and also go to the gym.  I also love to go on vigorous walks.  I’ll allow an extra hour and walk part of the way to my destination, then hop on a bus or treat myself to a cab.
  • I just have “one” of things.  Instead of a giant bagel and cream-cheese for breakfast, I have a half a bagel and half the cream-cheese, and it’s fine and filling.  Instead of a bowl of ice-cream for dessert, I have a skim milk smoothie with protein powder, bananas and strawberries.  Very very filling and satisfying.
  • I meditate regularly each day.  Morning and afternoon.  I pray as constantly as possible.  I only praise God and ask His will, and guidance.  He already knows I need to keep my weight down, and to make a living.

Keep us posted!  Write some of your ideas and methods for losing weight, and keeping excess weight from creeping-up.


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