Alright, the season is over and it was great.  It came down to two really excellent people, and performers. Who won American Idol tonight?  I was hugely surprised when it was Lee DeWyze.

I had predicted throughout the season that it would be Crystal.  Now, I understand perhaps why it wasn’t her.  She is a bit alternative, counter-culture folky – which I love.  Lee is more mainstream, American homespun.  Crystal is the better singer in my opinion, though.

Lee Dewyze.jpg

We know that the formula for winning American Idol is the “backstory.”  Those who come from the least and rise to the most, are the most successful.  Lee working in a paint store then singing his way to the top, is a great rags to riches story.
Of course, as we all say, they’ll both have major recording and concert careers from this experience.  Often the ultimate Idol on TV isn’t the top seller of records or tickets.  Look at Daughtry.
What I like most about Lee and Crystal is that they’re both genuine and kind. No pretentiousness, no arrogance in them.
Are you satisfied with the results?  Please comment!
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