I was at dinner the other day, with my wife and her friend who was taking us out.  I ordered a “Monday Night Special”  that included appetizer, entrée and desert.  Feeling guity about it, while ordering I quickly reminded myself that I want to remain healthy, lose a few pounds, not diet, but not go overboard either.

I also said a little prayer, “God, please order for me.”

The words came out of my mouth to the server’s ears, “I’d like to know if it is OK to substitute salad with dressing on the side for the appetizer, and fruit for the dessert.”  The server said she’d have to ask the kitchen.

Back she came moments later, saying, “yes.  They’d be happy to offer you some healthy choices!  You’re the first person to request this, but what a good idea.  Are you on a diet?”

I responded that I was not, but just want to eat healthy and really enjoy my meal, both.

So by the time I’d had the salad, and the main course, I was too full for the fruit anyway, so I asked them to box it up for me.  I couldn’t say “doggie bag,” as I don’t have a dog, and they don’t eat fruit anyway!

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