Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

Have you ever had that “love rush” feeling, where you experience connection with the earth, others, and yourself?  You feel a part of everything; you belong and are truly valuable?

Time almost stands still in those moments of pure love.  One loses oneself in a warm glow of happiness.  There is ultimate peace.

These moments of love, I believe, are grace from heaven.  It’s times like those that God reminds us that we are very important, and valued.  We are indeed part of all creation.  Love abounds; we know it and feel it.

Treat yourself to love.  You cannot do it yourself: it takes connecting to God, and depending on His grace.  You can, however, set the right conditions for God to manifest in yourself, and in your life.  Find stillness and silence.  Put aside your thoughts and mental chatter.  Sit or lay down comfortably.  Breathe purposely and slowly.  Keep going inward – in and in – deeper and deeper with your attention. With each breath, think of God, and thank God.  Keep going in and in.

Feel the love.  Let it in.

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