Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

Here’s a helpful, inspiring idea for your day, today.  Instead of seeing what’s wrong, see what’s right.  Further, try to see love present all around you.

As you come into contact with people, turn negative first impressions around.  Think about how they are loving to others, and to you.  See the love that must be in their family, and the love that made them.

If you get into a conflict, turn your desires to defend or argue into love.  See the transgressor as someone who is hurting, and in need of love.  Remind yourself that it was love from God that made you, and that other person.  Try to remember times when things were peaceful and loving with them.

When you’re outside, see the love that is present in God’s creation.  See the beautiful, lovely trees and flowers.  The beautiful sky, and glorious clouds.  Feel love for the beauty of the earth, and the love that God has for all.

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