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Here is a list of ten ways to remedy holiday mistakes, blunders, and misfortunes.  If you overate, forgot to exercise, got lazy, said something you later regretted, didn’t do what you meant to do – whatever – join the club!  …Read More

What’s your family genetic history? We all have good genes, and not-so-good genes. It’s best to be informed and aware, so that you can make choices to have the best, longest life possible. Knowing your genetic tendencies allows you to …Read More

Each and every morning, the second you wake up – thank God or your Higher Power for the gift of another day. You’re lucky to be alive, yet again, for another day. While you’re at it, ask the Creator to …Read More

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family, love and appreciation. We sure did. How nice it was to take a full morning to stretch, dance and do some yoga. I felt so good, physically and emotionally. …Read More

Here’s my “during and after Thanksgiving” list of how to get through the day and the holiday weekend, and keep that warm glowing love and appreciation of relatives and friends. 1.    Hold your temper.  Don’t let anybody bother you or …Read More

For those of us Americans, we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.  For those readers in other countries, please join us in celebrating all that God has given us.  Here is a prayer for your consideration, today. …Read More

Here’s a little prayer for consideration at your holiday table. (encourage everyone to observe a moment of silence, then begin) God, thank you for this wonderful gathering.For the many gifts of love you give.This wonderful family, our cherished friends, our …Read More

Getting ready for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?  Dreaming of stuffing yourself with stuffing?  A juicy, fat turkey?  Marshmallow sweet potatoes?  Buttery rolls and mashed potatoes?  Pumpkin pie?  These all sound great, sure, but they’re not so great for your body; …Read More

Quite simply, Thanksgiving Day is a time of appreciation for a bountiful harvest. First celebrated at the Plymouth Plantation in 1621 (debatable) by the Pilgrims and the Native American Wampanoag tribe in North America, it was a meal shared by …Read More

Don’t wait until next Thanksgiving Day! Let every day be a day of thanksgiving! Appreciate the bounty that you receive from God. A roof over your head. Food in abundance. Your career, or mission in life. Your family. Friends. Interests. …Read More