Here is a list of ten ways to remedy holiday mistakes, blunders, and misfortunes.  If you overate, forgot to exercise, got lazy, said something you later regretted, didn’t do what you meant to do – whatever – join the club!  We all fall short of what we’re capable of.  We all fall “off the wagon” and mess-up on a regular basis. There’s hope, however. All it takes is a new frame of mind and a little action to reach out to God.

1.    Ask God for help.  First, thank God for all you have, and then ask to be shown and empowered to do His will.

2.    Pick up where you left off: get back on your structured food and activity plans.  This means ending your self-destructive behaviors, through the grace of God.
3.    Go out and play – move your body for 30 minutes – walk around the block a few times, do some yoga, dance, go to the gym with a friend.  Nothing will help get you out of an emotional slump faster than movement.
4.    Eat lightly.  Having vegetables and fruits, instead of heavy protein or carbs will make you feel better.
5.    Find what’s positive in your life.  Make a list of 10 good things.  Connect them with something you did well.
6.    Apologize to a friend or family member, and tell them you love them.
7.    Forgive your friends or family for what went wrong. Remember the relationship is more important than anything.
8.    Reconnect with music.  Play something that’s up and full of energy.
9.    Talk your problems out with a trusted family member, friend, advisor or clergy – get it off your chest, and let go of the emotional burden.  You don’t necessarily need suggestions; rather, someone to listen can be highly helpful.
10.    Remember love.  Remind yourself that love is what life is all about.  Love of God, one another, and the precious life that God has given us.

I hope you’re feeling better soon.  Know that there are a lot of folks out there who are struggling to be their best right along with us.

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