I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family, love and appreciation. We sure did.
How nice it was to take a full morning to stretch, dance and do some yoga. I felt so good, physically and emotionally. Then, I totally enjoyed a half hour of prayer. I’m so thankful for that.
Lunch was light with just a little salad and pea soup anticipating the Thanksgiving dinner to come.
A friend had given us some homemade sausage and I’ll admit it, I had a lot of that!

Dinner was great, only a couple of slices of turkey, two spoonfulls of stuffing, a spoon of gravy or two, and only a slice of bread and butter.
My wife made apple pies, one without sugar. Only one piece of that. Yet, I wanted more.
Definitely more than what I normally eat in a day, so it’s simply back to my regular food routine again today.
Back to enjoying movement and using my body.
Back to being prayerful and thankful for my life and all therein.
What about YOUR Thanksgiving Day? Tell us please. I am thankful for you dear reader.
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