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For many Christians, this is a time of great awareness, a time in the year called Lent, a preparation for Easter.  It’s the annual time to be aware of our beliefs and faith, to love the many gifts that God, …Read More

Thinking about the recent study on most diets being basically equally effective; read what I wrote about it here, these are my simple thoughts: When it comes to food, eating less is more. If you’re trying to reduce your weight …Read More

This morning I was all flustered because I had to pay bills.  Gosh, those expenses are high!  It’s an exercise in stretching, moving money from one place to another, shuffling, leaping and moving forward.  Kind of like dancing: you stretch, …Read More

I’ve been saying this for years, no matter how you do it, lowering carbohydrates and increasing protein, lowering fats and preferably non-saturated ones, eating less of anything is now clinically proven for weight loss.  There is a recent and major …Read More

I just got an email from a longtime friend in Indiana, Michael White, who is a very talented singer and composer.  He and another friend made a really moving video at Christmas about having “A Wonderful Life.” Please take a …Read More

This morning I jumped on our bathroom scales, as I do every month.  I like to check to see what I weigh, to keep my 160-pound weight maintenance on track. I only weigh myself once a month, because I know …Read More

This comment from Dino just reached out and grabbed my attention: For me, the big change in my thinking came one day. I realized I was a creation of God; made in God’s image. What I had been doing was …Read More

We’ve now gone through a long period of economic woes, and we are making it through.  Yes times are hard, harder than we’ve ever known or experienced.  It’s true it is not over, but there is hope and we’re going …Read More

Have you, too, been the victim of weight loss quackery? Have you tried “miracle diets” and “magic bullet” quick-fix products or schemes? Did you buy any of those “revolutionary” exercise machines or appliances from TV infomercials? Did you buy any …Read More

Sometimes everyone needs a little break. Perhaps you need to take a day off or do something different with your weekend. Recharge yourself; do something invigorating, restorative, or restful. Take an afternoon to go to a history museum and check …Read More