Thinking about the recent study on most diets being basically equally effective; read what I wrote about it here, these are my simple thoughts:

When it comes to food, eating less is more.
If you’re trying to reduce your weight consistently eat less than you did before. Just cut it in half.

slower, too. The slower you eat, the fuller you will feel with less.
Chew each bite thoroughly, taking time to savor the flavor.

Consistently eat a little less, and your weight problem will go away.
Instead of having a breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast – just have
the eggs. Instead of a lunch of soup, sandwich, and a salad – have just
the sandwich. Instead of a big dinner with an entrée, three sides, and
dessert – have the entrée and one side, no dessert.

Eat less of anything and everything consistently, and over time, you CAN and WILL lose weight, by the grace of God and your repeated commitments. 

Losing weight isn’t really about the initial weight loss, it is about keeping some new and healthy eating habits going, along with recreation, emotional expression and spiritual practices.

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