For many Christians, this is a time of great awareness, a time in the year called Lent, a preparation for Easter.  It’s the annual time to be aware of our beliefs and faith, to love the many gifts that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit give us, and to give something in return.  The period we are in now, in Greek, is called the Triodion.

This is a period when many Christians practice fasting.  We eat less, avoid certain foods, make an effort to purify ourselves and to help others.

I am Christian, and I do believe in fasting – not just during Lent – but also on a regular basis.  I eat less in general, which I have learned is not only good for maintaining my weight loss, but also for longevity and to keep my mind and body in a healthier state.  I eat less carbohydrates and meat, and try to have more vegetables and fruits.

I also avoid thinking negative thoughts.  When I have a negative thought that creeps into my mind, I quietly ask God to help me escort it out the mental gate!

This is also a time to help others in need – I do some service on a regular basis, but at this time, in honor of God and the amazing grace I receive, I try my best to do a little more.

Most of all, even though I try to do my best and to be my best, I usually fall short.  I make mistakes and miss the goal, despite best intentions.   Lent is the season of admitting problems (“sins,” to some), asking for repentance, and accepting forgiveness that comes from the grace of God.  Of course, one need not be Christian to do these things.  Being your best, staying healthy and practicing beliefs is universal to anyone and everyone.

What do you do to stay healthy?  How do you help others?  Do you practice fasting?  Please post a comment below.  And please subscribe to this daily blog, bookmark it, and return daily.

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