I’ve been saying this for years, no matter how you do it, lowering carbohydrates and increasing protein, lowering fats and preferably non-saturated ones, eating less of anything is now clinically proven for weight loss.  There is a recent and major study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, of 811 patients, that is worth reading.   The results?  I quote, “Reduced-calorie diets result in clinically meaningful weight loss regardless of which macronutrients they emphasize.”

Lots of different methods for weight loss actually help people lose the weight; the main point is how you maintain the lower weight.  If you stay with the changes you made in eating less, no matter what foods, you are far more likely to keep the weight off.  Furthermore, the patients who were in continuing weight loss support groups were able to keep their weight in balance.  So, if you can keep up a diet, with support, you can keep the weight loss.  The question is, if it’s an extreme diet, can you keep it up for very long.  I don’t think most people can, I surely couldn’t.

So, what does this mean to you?  Join a weight loss group and eat a well-balanced and healthy food plan with foods you enjoy, but less of everything, and you will lose weight and keep it off.  Don’t deprive yourself of foods, just eat less of anything and have a little of everything.

Of course, I recommend my “Joy of Weight Loss” program!  Also, I recommend working together with someone, either a friend, or a professional.  I’ve also recently begun to do individual coaching by email and phone, and would be happy to discuss working with you.

Please post a comment below, and let us all know what you have experienced in your own weight loss efforts.  Did it help to be in a group?  Did you maintain a new eating plan for more than a year and maintain the weight, or not?  Please post!

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