People with bipolar disorder can have relationships. It’s scary and tough telling the guy or gal on the first date that you have bipolar disorder. I have friends who are bipolar and married. They always tell me they are grateful for their partner’s love and patience. This letter by Shelby Manoukian, originally posted in TheMighty, perfectly sums…

Thanks to Al from Latest Bipolar News for this impressive bipolar disorder infographic. Did you know there are 5 varieties of bipolar disorder? Do you know the symptoms of bipolar disorder? Or that certain situations can trigger mood swings of a bipolar person? Read on to learn more…   Twitter:  @tereziafarkas @BipolarLatest  #BellLetsTalk  #bipolardisorder  * Click here…

January 27, 2016 is Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. It’s a day devoted to talking about mental health issues. If you think about it, talk about mental health should be as ordinary as talk about your dentist. Talk about mental health should be like talking about dental health. In America, how many times have…

All of us are guilty at one time or another of looking back on some part of our lives with regret. It could be regret for something you said, someone you hurt, or something you failed to accomplish. Regret can be good when it helps you learn and grow. But regret can be bad when…

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas is an international bestselling author in depression and grief. Terezia is a reiki master, psychic medium, and certified channeller.
Visit Terezia Farkas on Twitter @tereziafarkas
Alberta Lt. Governor Circle on Mental Health and Addictions award.
Bell Let's Talk Social Media Ambassador 2017.
CAMH (Canadian Addictions and Mental Health) 150 Difference Makers nominee.
2014 Global Crisis of Depression Summit at Kings Place in London on November 25, 2014, which included speakers Kofi A Anan, the 7th former Secretary General of the UN.

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