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How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? One way is to change your thinking.

At your core, you’re either an optimist or pessimist. You see the glass half full or half empty. Neither is right. It’s just a way you think about the challenges the world presents, mainly because of your experiences.

To get you to where you want to be, you have to want to succeed. That means getting back up on your feet when you fail. And fail and fail.

You want to be less depressed. But each time you try it seems you get kicked back onto your butt. Don’t give up. Just by trying you’ve made some headway. You might not feel better or happier, but without your realizing it, you’ve exercised a few powers. The powers of determination and hope. Giving hope and determination a bit of a workout keeps them fit and ready to serve you.

The most important things to get you in the right mindset are:

Become knowledgeable. Knowledge makes you understand how you can make something happen. For example, knowing your options and tools available helps you battle depression. Knowledge allows you to understand the journey you’re on.

Use positive language. It reinforces a positive way of thinking. Positivity is tough to hold onto when dealing with depression. But even the thought, “I’m going to try to..” is a positive one. It sends a message to your brain that something is possible.

Be well prepared. Being well prepared alleviates uncertainty, doubts, stress, fear. This is where a depression relapse rescue plan comes into play. Having a rescue plan removes the anxiety and stress surrounding your relapse by giving your loved ones a path forward to helping you.

Use visualization techniques. These allow you to see yourself succeed. Depression says you’ll always fail. Visualizing yourself as being happy for 30 minutes is a successful achievement. It paints a possible future, one that you don’t have now but can have.

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