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Archaeologists have made what is an important discovery for Christians in Israel. The remains of a 2,200-year-old fortification at Kiriath-Jearim, a hill on the outskirts of Abu Ghosh (a village near Jerusalem), have been uncovered by researchers. According to archaeologists …Read More

It has been a tough time for the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. The congregation has been fighting for over a year to keep the doors open and is facing foreclosure this week. But a small miracle inside the church …Read More

Hong Kong has been going through turmoil lately as protests have swarmed the country over a controversial bill. The protests have been marked with violence, tear gas, and riot shields. One protest, though, was able to be a symbol of …Read More

In an interview with Martha MacCallum, Mike Huckabee claimed that a lack of spirituality is one of the reasons behind the many mass shootings in our nation. MacCallum first interviewed Warren Farrel who wrote the book “The Boy Crisis”. In …Read More

In 1988, a group of researchers used radiocarbon testing to date the Shroud of Turin between the years of 1260 and 1390. Now, new researches are calling that study into question. Three laboratories involving researchers from the University of Arizona, …Read More

David Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in California, is concerned about where the modern church is headed. In an interview with The Christian Post about his new book, he expressed “The Church is coming under attack; it’s forgotten …Read More

Tina Hines suffered a massive heart attack in February of 2018, and her family was not sure she was going to make it. Hines died for a total of 27 minutes, but when she woke up she immediately asked for …Read More

Steffani Besch, at only age 13, experienced a traumatic near-death experience while at a summer swim party with her church youth group. A fellow child and prankster pushed Besch into the pool but hit her head on the way down, …Read More

A team of archaeologists, led by Dr. Krzysztof Babraj from Kraków’s Museum of Archaeology, have discovered what they believe may be one of the oldest Christian churches in Egypt, and possibly the world. The researches were excavating the ruins of …Read More

Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, went to China to help train church leaders. He quickly learned that the Chinese Christians has a lot to teach him. Cordeiro shared the touching story in a recent …Read More