Actress Candace Cameron Bure took to social media last Wednesday to share that a dark presence had recently attacked her home, affecting her family. The “Full House” star said she noticed that everyone had been acting differently for days.

She said in a video, “My house is usually really peaceful and happy. (But) everyone’s been irritable, including me. And everyone is just, like, at each other. And it’s been like three days now. And it finally hit me. I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s a spirit of irritability, there’s a spirit of crankiness, there’s a spirit of confusion, Oh, the enemy’s attacking.’”

The 46-year-old pointed out that it’s easy to “want to just blame one another” for our issues when the devil is actually on the prowl. “We forget that there’s a very real and powerful enemy at work every single day of our lives. That enemy is the devil,” she continued. “He’s real, and he’s at work, but the devil has no control or authority in my home.”

Bure continued, “Jesus has all authority, all power in my home, and He reigns in my home. And so, I call upon the Holy Spirit. I pray out any evil spirits that are in here. And I put on my worship music. It’s just filling my home. So my home is filled with Scripture and God’s Word, God’s power, and God’s truth. And I just keep reminding myself of that.” She posted the video for others who might be “going through a tough time” and unsure why.


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Bure noted, “And yet, they are explainable. It’s just (that) sometimes we don’t see it. But let’s not forget what’s going on in the world around us.” The reaction to Bure’s video was instant, as thousands of fans shared and commented on it, with many thanking her for being so honest.

One fan said, “Please keep doing this, please. It just encouraged me. I’m in tears. Thank you so much; I needed to hear this be blessed, and May Jesus Christ bless you.” Another follower wrote, “Thank you, Candace! Amen, I totally needed to hear this. It was so inspiring and helpful. You are so cute and awesome. Take care, and God bless you.”

“Praying for your family and the rest of us. God is still in control. Thank you for posting and sharing. The name of Jesus still has all the power,” shared another follower. Sharing difficult times with your family can be difficult and embarrassing. However, by sharing your challenges with others, you may encourage them to do the same. Candace Cameron Bure had no idea that her video would impact people the way it did.

In times of trouble, it can be easy to isolate yourself and turn away from God until things get better. However, in those times, we should reach out to God and the community around us for help. God would never want us to go through our challenging times alone. If you find yourself going through hard times, reach out to your loved ones and God. They’ll see you through.

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