Christian author Yasmeen Suri is sounding the alarm for Mattel’s new Yoga Barbie, which she believes is out to possess children and spread Satanism.

According to Suri, the doll is a tool of the devil that will indoctrinate children into Satanism. “Satan always comes as appearing innocent,” she warns in a Facebook post. The doll comes with 5 guided meditations which Suri believes it promotes a darker evil as the purpose of the meditation is to invoke a Hindu deity from a spirit realm.

It is suggested that the meditations are designed to open up your third eye chakra and allow you to connect with the spiritual realm…once opened, this allows for demonic possession. Suri warns parents they may not realize that their innocent children will eventually become depressed and even possibly suicidal after becoming possessed by the doll.

“Satan is after the children. He wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory. Then, when he is done, he will destroy them.” Suri continued in her post. The author encourages Christians to remain true to their values and not practice eastern religion and for parents to clean out any “demonic attachments” from home.

This is not the first time Mattel has come under fire for Barbie. Secular objections to allowing children to play with the popular doll include her body proportions are unrealistic and harmful to young girls’ body image, as well as the suggestion that playing with Barbie cultivates a fascination with fashion and material possessions. Mattel, for decades, has chosen to produce a toy that projects an unattainable image for American girls. Christians have called Barbie out for representing oppressed women throughout history and promoting a lifestyle of glamour and perfectionism. A real-life Barbie would have bones so frail that it would be near impossible for her to walk and would barely have enough room for half a liver.

Christian parents have been warned for years to stay away from the devilish doll as she is harmful to spiritual growth. Mattel is constantly getting slammed for not producing a ‘Christian Barbie’ and received backlash when they introduced a Barbie that honored the Muslim Gods. It seems the company is out to promote all
religions equally, excluding Christianity. So that brings us back to the original discussion, why is that happening. Is Mattel out to promote Satanism as they seem to be pushing the dark occult agenda?

Barbie is used as a teaching toy, but what path is she sending children down? Is she seen sending girls down a path to virtuous womanhood and glorifying God? You don’t see children learning Scriptural truths. You don’t see children learning anything with substance to it. Bible stories are hardly ever if ever, found in Barbie’s books. The focus is on fun, fashion and makeup with just a splash of career aspirations, and apparently now Satanism.

Parents should always be cautious of what’s in their children’s toy boxes as the devil wears many disguises.

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