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Darren Harrison credits God for helping him safely land a plane after the pilot lost consciousness.

The 38-year-old father to be said it was God and his pregnant wife who inspired him to remain calm during the terrifying situation. Harrison was a passenger in the small plane traveling home to see his seven-month pregnant wife when the pilot became ill in midair.

Harrison is being hailed as a hero for acting on instincts and immediately jumping into action to save not only his life but also the pilot’s life. It was Harrison’s worst fears coming to life.

“My nightmare’s always been when I get on flights like this: What happens if something health-wise happens to the pilot? What’s gonna happen?” Harrison said during an interview with Today.

The plane went into a nosedive and started rapidly losing altitude when Harrison’s fight or flight instincts kicked in. Harrison recalls seeing water out of the right window and saying to himself “I can’t die today. Britney’s pregnant, I’ve got a baby on the way — not today. Today’s not my day.

Harrison reached across the unconscious pilot and “grabbed the controls to the airplane and slowly started to pull back on the stick and turn.” Harrison has zero experience as a pilot but believed it was common sense that helped him to stabilize the plane long enough to get help.

“I knew if I went up and yanked that the airplane would stall, and I also knew, at the rate we were going, we were probably going way too fast, and it’d rip the wings off the airplane,” he said during his Today interview.

After attempting to put on the pilot’s headset, Harrison was horrified to see the wires were frayed. He quickly turned to another passenger and asked for the man’s headset. Thankfully Harrison was able to get ahold of air traffic controller Robert Morgan who happens to be a part-time flight instructor.

Harrison told Morgan the GPS systems were all completely out, and he had no idea where they were, and Morgan responded by calmly asking Harrison what he could see out the windows.

“I see the state of Florida, and I see a small airport – and they said, ‘Can you drop to 5,000 feet and maintain?’ And I said, ‘I can try … I’m still trying to figure this thing out.”

Harrison knew he would have to land the plane in Florida because he had no other option. Morgan helped Harrison safely begin his descent into the Palm Beach international airport.

Harrison recalled Morgan kept telling him the whole time, “The runway’s gonna keep getting bigger as you get closer to it; just keep focused on that, and just keep descending. And I remember getting to around 200 feet, and Morgan said, Hey, you’re gonna need to slow down some more; you’re still coming in pretty fast.”

Robert Morgan remained calm on the ground as he watched a passenger with no flight experience safely land on the runway.

Harrison said it was then when the plane was safely on the ground he threw off the headset and recited the biggest prayer he’s ever said letting all his emotions take over. He said the prayer and thanked God for the safety of everything that transpired and for allowing him to be able to complete his journey of going home to his pregnant wife.

The pilot was rushed to the hospital, but it’s unclear what caused him to lose consciousness. Although it was severe, he was not expected to live at first. Another miracle happened, though, because the pilot was going to be cleared to go home within a few days.

Harrison finally made the call to his wife, who started panicking when she saw her husband’s name on the caller ID. She knew he was supposed to be in the air and expected the worst news when she answered the call. Relief set in when she heard Harrison’s voice and realized her husband was fine even after hearing about his terrifying experience.

Harrison said he gives all credit to the man above for allowing him to stay alive and tell the incredible story.

He said, “Everybody was asking me, ‘How did the airplane do what it did? How did it stay together? How did you pull it out? The hand of God was on that plane. That’s the only thing I can attribute it to, no other explanation for it.”

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