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If you’re a parent with kids of film-viewing age, buy this book: “The Best Old Movies for Families: A Guide to Watching Together.” This 375-page indexed guide by Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr is tremendously helpful–in fact, indispensable–to conscientious …Read More

Here’s a blog post I find funny. It lambasts Prince Charles (in language most colorful) for yesterday asking someone at a healthcare facility in the United Arab Emirates if the country had thought of getting McDonald’s fast food franchises “banned.” …Read More

Thanks for your warm response to the cancer healing prayers I posted. I’ve been looking for more without much luck. Want to write some together? I’ll post the prayers you send in. My friends who’ve had cancer say it’s so …Read More

Have a look at the following passage from Reverend Fr. Thomas Berry’s book “The Great Work: Our Way into the Future.” “As we enter the twenty-first century, we are experiencing a moment of grace. Such moments are privileged moments. The …Read More

Deepest-Breath-at-the-Oscars Award goes to Best Actor Forest Whitaker, who couldn’t utter his thank you speech until he’d inhaled the moment and collected himself. At the end of his speech, he made reference to “this life and the next.” Google research …Read More

Hey, I got a great new way to humorously sign off spiritual correspondence. This one comes from reader Glenys Livingstone down in Australia. Blissings! “With Love and Blissings” is nice too. You’ll find my original post with dozens of great …Read More

This is sweet. It runs three minutes. What would you ask God if you could?

Oh boy, this Trappist monastery down in South Carolina (where my parents once went on a spiritual retreat) has been busted big time for alleged cruelty to the chickens that produce the eggs the abbey sells to support itself. Birds …Read More

This week’s New York magazine has an amazing article that describes what two models, a creative director, and a magazine accessories editor eat during the frenzy of “fashion week,” when runway shows, and meetings with designers become all-important, stress-filled activities …Read More

The Sam Harris/Andrew Sullivan blogalogue on faith has covered exceedingly complex material. Could you describe your beliefs as articulately? I could not. Here’s the conclusion of Harris’s latest letter, in which he seems to deliver body blows to Sullivan’s defense …Read More