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A humbled, even sheepish Charlie Sheen visited NBC’s Today Show Thursday morning. The ex-Two and a Half Men actor who spoke of ‘winning’ and having ‘tiger blood’ pumping through his veins just a year ago is putting his life back …Read More

We have so many reality shows these days, and some of them are pretty good and interesting. Most of them we all could quite honestly do without. Well, Quilted Northern bathroom tissue, with a recent ad campaign wants to bring …Read More

I respect the heck out of the great Roger Federer. I appreciate the toughness and passion behind Rafael Nadal, especially his heartfelt remarks about 9/11 over the years. Why haven’t I yet warmed up to the new No.1 tennis player …Read More

To say Mark Teixeira has been a solid contributor with the New York Yankees would be an understatement. The first baseman, entering his fourth season in the Bronx after signing  as a free agent, has belted over 30 homers and …Read More

What a shame, what a crying shame. The death of three horses for the making of  the HBO series ‘Luck‘ is a real disgrace and is pretty darn unforgivable, as well. Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, among other actors who …Read More

I dedicate this post to my dearly departed brother, Augie, who left this earth over the weekend at the all-too-early age of 52. I already miss him! Watching television with my oldest brother, Augie, was always an experience. He could …Read More

Comedies with real laughs that are mostly inoffensive don’t come around often these days. ‘Rob’ is one such television program. The CBS comedy, starring ex-SNL’er Rob Schneider, is a crisply written, well-acted program that makes you laugh in pretty much …Read More

“Thank God for Sue”, says the mom (Patricia Heaton) of teenage “goody-goody”–in a good way–Sue Heck at the end of last week’s terrific episode of The Middle. Indeed, I say the same thing after a rough week of women on …Read More

We keep pushing the envelope on taste and what’s acceptable in this country so far that even the bloated postal service couldn’t handle it. That may have not been the most clever sentence I have ever written, but it seems …Read More

This has been a tough week, as we lost almost polar opposites Andrew Breitbart and Davy Jones. Breitbart, the conservative pundit, had to be respected for the tenacious approach to his work. He wasn’t loved in all  quarters, no conservative …Read More