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November 2011 Archives

I like Sean Avery’s style of play and I root for him to succeed. Of course that’s mostly because he plays for my favorite NHL team: the New York Rangers. But I “grapple with”, pardon the expression, his behavior both …Read More

A short while back I wrote that Bobby Valentine should be ashamed for referring to “baseball gods”. I also pointed out that many other people say gods of this and gods of that and we should consider being more respectful …Read More

So the NBA labor strife between billionaire owners and millionaire players is over … Who cares? I do. In the past I would have said to heck with both sides and the NBA is perhaps my fourth favorite sport anyway. …Read More

I can’t get enough of Thanksgiving … the food or the sentiment. I also realized there were more things to list than I did in my previous feature about five things on television I am thankful for. Such as: Magazine …Read More

It seems like a good time to do an inspiring post about the best things about TV. No. 1 FOX News: The liberal left can whine all it wants about FOX News being slanted to the right, but I say …Read More

It will be interesting to see how the new recently announced Charlie Rose-Gayle King tandem will perform on The Early Show on CBS when the duo debut Jan 9. I’ve always liked Rose, but he’s just SO relaxed … how …Read More

What was it about the past week or so on television? About a week and a half ago political pundit Bob Beckel lost his cool and yelled out “That’s B.S.!” (the full word) on the FOX News show The Five. …Read More

I’ve been meaning to write about this one for some time, but wasn’t quite sure how to address it. Is the ad for Snickers, the one where two sharks “discuss” the difference of how people tasted, and decide the person …Read More

Remember Davey and Goliath? Now that, my friends, WAS a cartoon! for this post goes to a high school alumnae of mine, JoAnne, who mentioned Davy and Goliath and The Little Rascals were two shows she just couldn’t shut …Read More

If Fallon, Nevada ISN’T named after Jimmy Fallon, NBC‘s late night talk show host …. well it SHOULD be! His dead-ringer impression, pardon the expression, of Jim Morrison the former front-man of The Doors is amazing. And his stint as …Read More