Changing Channels

So the NBA labor strife between billionaire owners and millionaire players is over …

Who cares?

I do. In the past I would have said to heck with both sides and the NBA is perhaps my fourth favorite sport anyway.

Dirk (Nowitzki) Gets To Work

But this isn’t about me. This is about the economy and the “little guys” who make a few bucks off the sport … like vendors, parking attendants, restaurants and hotels who depend on the business.

The economy is horrible and if the NBA being in business helps, even just a little, I am glad they will tip off starting on Christmas Day.

Last season was a good one for the NBA, and now the Mavericks will have a chance to defend their title.

I could lie to you and say I won’t watch any of the games in the TV triple-header on Christmas Day.

But I wouldn’t be telling the truth.

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