Changing Channels

A short while back I wrote that Bobby Valentine should be ashamed for referring to “baseball gods”.

I also pointed out that many other people say gods of this and gods of that and we should consider being more respectful of the one God that we REALLY have.

He is a jealous God, after all, and we need to be careful…

OK, that point has been made and to be fair  to Bobby V, the ex-Mets manager who had tons of success in Japan I have another point to make.

Bobby Valentine

The Red Sox should DEFINITELY hire him as their next manager.

Valentine doesn’t get NEAR enough credit for guiding a mediocre Mets team to the World Series in 2000.

Name one outfielder on that team … I dare you! I can … Timo Perez … sheesh … Timo Perez for cryin’ out loud!

Valentine has always been a solid baseball man who deserves another managing gig.

Besides, those of you who don’t like his voice … and the ESPN analyst can be grating … won’t have to hear from V as much.

I heart Bobby Valentine … and so does the one TRUE God!

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