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I like Sean Avery’s style of play and I root for him to succeed.

Of course that’s mostly because he plays for my favorite NHL team: the New York Rangers.

But I “grapple with”, pardon the expression, his behavior both on and off the ice. He has said awful things about opponents and women and he starts fights at the drop of a puck.

Sean Avery

Playing with energy and hitting is fine, it’s a part of hockey, but fighting in my opinion takes away from the sport.

But it’s not going anywhere, as the NHL would be afraid to lose too much of its fan base if it did. The emerging popularity of MMA proves that violence has a place in today’s sports world, like it or not.

I don’t, because I think it distracts from the majesty, the excellence of hockey.

Sean Avery is a good example of the fine line the NHL walks. When he gets into two fights in the opening minutes of a game, as he did Tuesday night vs. the Pens, the game becomes about him.

That’s not good.

Avery can blend in, use clean but hard hits and his passing talent and occasional goal-scoring ability to help his team as he did in settling down during the Blueshirts 4-3 victory.

That’s much better for him, the Rangers and the NHL.

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