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September 2011 Archives

I liked The Middle VERY MUCH last season. I guess that in itself proved to be some kind of death knell for the show, which suffered through a WAY too long hour-long season premiere last Wednesday. More accurately, I suffered …Read More

Who the heck is Larry Krueger, some of you are probably wondering? Actually, some of you who know me know Larry and others of you who know sports do too.   OK, to clear that up … Larry Krueger is …Read More

I am comfortable enough in my manhood to admit this: I LOVE Chris Christie! A Newsmax report that he is reconsidering his  previous stand about not running for the presidency is GREAT news. The guy is a straight shooting, tax-cutting, …Read More

I know, I know … I come off as some kind of goody two-shoes sometimes. I just don’t know what’s so great about all those movies where people are getting drunk, throwing up, acting obnoxiously and wasting their time and …Read More

With their outstanding lineup, great starting pitching staff which they fortified and a terrific closer there is NO way the Boston Red Sox should be imploding the way they are. But imploding, with just five wins in their last 20 …Read More

He’s finally behaving with a little bit of class, grace and dignity. Credit Charlie Sheen for treating replacement Ashton Kutcher well when the pair ran into each other at Sunday’s Emmys. Sheen also had good things to say/tweet about the …Read More

For about $5 per month you can add NFL Red Zone to your cable/satellite package, and for football fans it is WELL worth the price. Ably hosted by Scott Hanson, the channel takes viewers to the best action around the …Read More

I watched two episodes of Man, Woman, Wild over the weekend and found it to be fairly wild. It takes some time to suspend your belief or disbelief that a couple, including a former Special Forces survival expert and ex-TV …Read More

I think sometimes I get more information on the news scroll at the bottom of the screen than I do from the news or entertainment program itself. Even on Entertainment Tonight, which I usually blow past on the dial, I …Read More

It’s so easy to get disappointed with athletes and forget they are human beings too. Being brought up in the four-paper, 24-hour sports radio environment of New York I have often fallen into the trap of disliking players … often …Read More