Changing Channels

I liked The Middle VERY MUCH last season.

I guess that in itself proved to be some kind of death knell for the show, which suffered through a WAY too long hour-long season premiere last Wednesday.

More accurately, I suffered through the usual 1/2 hour ABC program which couldn’t even make hay with a guest spot from the terrific Ray Romano.

Patricia Heaton

He looked as lost with the script as he was in the campground, where he ran into his “ex” (Patricia Heaton) from Everyone Loves Raymond.

Ugh! and no I am not telling you my last name …

It’s not even worth getting into the details, but suffice it to say the same three kids that were funny and fresh in the show’s first season already seemed as stale as my day old bagels.

That’s quite a feat, and not in a good way, since they were ALL really enjoyable, funny and clever last season.

I NEVER thought I’d find myself begging for Chris Kattan, who is good in this show after being so-so on SNL … where is CHRIS KATTAN!

Unless the second episode is miles better than I am going to pitch my TV tent elsewhere.

Or start using this as an expression … “That reminds me of The Middle … SO last season!”

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