Changing Channels

I don’t like to take shots at my TV provider … again … but I am forced to ….again.

That’s because U-verse lost its deal to carry NHL Network Friday, just days before the puck is set to drop on another season.

Jarome Iginla

“We have tried to reach a fair, long-term deal with NHL Network in order to continue delivering this channel to U-verse TV U450 and Sports Tier customers,” AT&T said in a statement issued about 11 p.m. Friday ( Sept. 30). “Unfortunately, it appears that as of midnight EST NHL Network will no longer be available on U-verse TV …”

Fair or not, U-verse has to take some kind of hit here.


Why not?

Seriously, if ALL other providers have deals with NHL Network, why doesn’t U-verse?

This is the second ‘hit’ I have taken in the sports department from U-verse in the past two months as the company stopped offering ESPN 3D recently.

Sometimes AT&T, you have to make a deal that hurts a little in order not to inflict pain on your customers.

Three strikes U-verse … and maybe I’M out!

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