Changing Channels

I am comfortable enough in my manhood to admit this:

I LOVE Chris Christie!

A Newsmax report that he is reconsidering his  previous stand about not running for the presidency is GREAT news.

The guy is a straight shooting, tax-cutting, reporter-mangling conservative Republican and can win the Northeast in a general election.

I like Rick Perry, I’m OK with Mitt Romney … both especially in comparison with our leadership today … but no one would electrify the race like Chris Christie.

He is Ronald Reagan, with a dose of Jersey toughness we need today.

Chris Christie

GET OFF THE BEACH IN ASBURY PARK! he bellowed on TV before the recent floods hit the governor’s home state of New Jersey.

Christie would will the economy to grow just by his positive presence … and you know what, a little respect for his leadership skills wouldn’t be so bad either. This guy commands it!

Mess with Chris Christie? The guy will have you for lunch … OK, that was too easy and just a joke, except for some reporters who have learned the hard way.

The man’s done a terrific job with the Garden State … so bring on the White House.

Welcome to the one reality program worth watching:

The Chris Christie Show … coming in 2014?

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