I subscribe to the skies

Even when clouds roll in

I simply wait patiently,

For the skies to clear again,


I trust in the warmth of the sun

Even on a cold winter’s day

I know the chill can’t last,

It will finally go away.


I believe in replenishing rains

Though I happen to live in a desert

I’ve visited an oasis

Living waters make a convert.

I’ve watched the tides of oceans

They ebb and then they flow,

Just like the passing seasons

And floods that come and go.

I once saw a rainbow

A sign across the sky

Its many beautiful colors

Suggested an artist’s eye.

I’ve seen a comet streaking

Occasionally across the night

The rarity of the occurrence

Made me wonder if all was alright.  


I believe in the constellations

Even when the sun’s shining down

Just because I cannot see them

Doesn’t mean they aren’t around.


I believe in the power of the wind

A force I have never seen

Yet I can see its effects

What it shapes and where it has been.


I’ve felt the mighty thunder

And yes the earth did quake

What power could crack the earth

And make the lions shake?


I believe in the light of the moon

Even when something blots it out

I trust this too will pass

Like my occasional doubts.


I saw the Daystar’s rising

On a eastern horizon afar

I saddled up my beast

And journeyed on towards the star.


 I did not arrive in time

To see the new king’s birth

My camel moved too slowly

Plodding across the earth.


I had some lunch with Herod

And didn’t like his schemes

So I didn’t return thereafter

Being warned in one of my dreams.

I brought a gift for rulers

Myrrh and frankincense

But this king lay in a manger

Which really didn’t make sense.


Til I consulted the prophecy

Of a king for the least and the lost

Born in ordinary circumstances

Delivered without fanfare or cost.

The people who dwell in darkness

Required a bolt from above

Before they’d believe in light

Or the fire of heaven’s love.


Lift up your eyes to the heavens

Take your gaze off the ground

How will you ever know what’s up

If you’re always looking down?


Our minds cannot encompass

All that’s real and true

But there are many witnesses

Pointing us to You.


I should not take my viewpoint

My knowledge or limitations

As proof there’s nothing more

Than what’s in my location.


When I consider the works

Of the Almighty’s hand

The sun, moon and stars

I ask— what is man?


And yet you have crowned us

With glory and wanderlust

So we would follow stars

Trekking across the dust.


I subscribe to the skies

And the One who made it all

And somehow I saw him wink at me

A star in manger’s stall.  



“Now faith is the assurance of things
hoped for

A conviction about things not seen.”


January 1,  2011

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