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Though not part of the Convocation per se,  the Sunday worship service which Ann and I and Christy attended featured Tom Wright preaching on the conjunction of two texts involving lepers. The first, the famous story of Naaman the Syrian, and the second the Lukan text about the ten lepers of which only one, the Samaritan, returned to thank Jesus.  Tom preached on Jesus living on the boundary between Jews and various other sorts of folk.  Jesus was not merely a boundary crosser however, he was one who was constantly pushing and expanding the boundaries, particularly the boundaries of ‘who’s in’ and ‘who’s out’  of the Kingdom.  He told the hilarious story of a Cambridge engineering student who was taking his exam and realized too late, that he would not have time to draw all of the crucial schematic drawing which would provide the answer to the main question posed on the exam.  Tom said that the Cambridge professor he ran into whose student wrote this exam was smiling, and even laughing as he read the exam.  When asked why, the professor showed the page of the exam which said, in haste,  ‘the rest of the essentials of this drawing are precisely 2 centimeters off the right side of this page’. Tom used that to illustrate the way Jesus was constantly taking the story outside the lines of the preordained script, when it came to the surprising reversals when the least, last, and lost became the first foremost, and found.
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