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The Greer-Hurd Forum was an outstanding success this years, thanks to all the hard work of Bob Stewart pictured at the far right on the bottom row of this picture.  Excellent papers were presented by Amy Jill Levine from Vandy …Read More I will be preaching in chapel at New Orleans Baptist on Thursday and speaking at New Orleans Baptist this Friday. John Dominic Crossan and I will be discussing the actual message and meaning of Jesus. Above is a link …Read More

Eastern Turkey is a fascinating place, and increasingly it is being recognized as one of the cradles of ANE civilization.  We now have considerably more grist for that mill with the announcement of the discovery of a Temple 11,500 years …Read More

    ( Overview of Nicea (Iznik), and its beautiful lake, on the shore of which the Council of Nicea was held in 325 A.D.)             So much ofpop psychology these days is all about encouraging you to ‘accept yourself …Read More

            I watched the mea culpa of Tiger Woods this morning, all 14 or so minutes of it.  It was definitely the material of a country song.  I am glad Tiger has begun to own his problems and misbehavior, though …Read More

              They knowhow to shovel that stuff The dirt and the mud and the grime,             They’reprobing for a shady character Or just another citizen to slime.               They’llbury your reputation After poking around in your past             …Read More


We have begun the Lenten season today. The word comes from the English term lengthen, referring to the season of the year where we have the lengthening of the days.  The church has made this a season of prayer, fasting, …Read More