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In God’s Kingdom…. The architect is greater than the architecture The artist is greater than the art The singer is greater than the song The playwright is greater than the play The poet is greater than the poetry The person […]

My latest book,  which comes out on Feb. 15th, and can be ordered now at Amazon deals with the issue of the sorry state of worship in the Protestant Church these days, with much of what passes for worship being […]

In the wake of Tom Wright’s recent book on Justification and righteousness, the discussion has once more become vibrant and even volatile in some quarters.  One of the major things that actually seems lacking in these discussions is a consideration […]   A major part of the deprogramming that is needed for Christians in the West has to do with having a critical approach to capitalism.   The Bible does notpresent us with either communistic or capitalistic options when […]

Enough Said.  Special thanks to Mike Lukovich for creating this cartoon.

Behold the Parthenon— in Nashville.  Who knew?  Yes there is a life size replica of the Parthenon built in 1898 for an Exposition and refurbished in the last ten years.  Built to the exact specifications of the original, complete with […]

A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew have a morning chat in the Old City.

In the should have been in this quiz category are of course many artists and groups, for instance Paul Simon, pictured above in his younger days.   We’ve now reached the home stretch, the last ten choices, and there were some […] One of the more persistent myths about money that circulates in some Christian circles goes like this…. Myth Five:  ‘Money is the root of all evil’ hence the nick name ‘filthy lucre’ or unrighteous mammon’. Ergo, it’s better […]

There were some deliberate no brainers thrown into the mix in this quiz, and the responses sometimes reflect this.  A healthy majority of you picked Joni Mitchell at no. 11, and understandably so since her ouevre is much more considerable, […]