In God’s Kingdom….

The architect is greater than the architecture

The artist is greater than the art

The singer is greater than the song

The playwright is greater than the play

The poet is greater than the poetry

The person is greater than the persona

The reality is greater than the dream

And being is more than doing……

For all persons created and redeemed in God’s image


But in this world….


The beauty is made by the buzz

The star is eclipsed by the light

The manuscript outlasts the man

The hit is made by the hype

The race is rigged by the ride

The persona isn’t even the person

The home run hero is juiced

The idol has his two minutes of fame

The politician is made by the PACS

And imitation image is everything.



“For what does it profit a person if he gains the whole
world and loses his soul”



Feb 1, 2010

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