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The man on the far left in this picture, Chief Steve Silverheels, is a minister who lives in Wilmington N.C. not far from my mother.  He is a Christian minister and evangelist. He is also a native American with Mohawk/Iroquois/Seneca …Read More

                          I The steam arose from the stream The leaves fell from the tree Weak sun shone on the grass The pattern of frost won’t last.   The chill hung in the air The flowers drooped drab and brown …Read More

The Roman Catholic Church leadership made the headlines twice this past week, once because the Vatican has now opened the door to receiving disgruntled Anglican priests into the fold (without having to give up their wives), and once because certain …Read More

Most of you who know me, know that I did my doctoral thesis on women in the NT with C.K. Barrett at the University of Durham in England. My first three published scholarly books were on this very subject.  One …Read More

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Weary, worn, welts on hand Work has whittled down the man To the bare necessities Of what he is, and what he’ll be Was this then his destiny?   Defined, refined by what we do, The toilsome tasks are never …Read More

And now for something completely different.   The Bible as graphic novel, or at least graphic comic book.  Robert Crumb is well known to underground comic book aficionados.  To the rest of the reading public– not so much. Robert Crumb was …Read More

baby6.bmp I was riding from Manhattan Kansas to Lincoln Nebraska and interestingly enough, almost the only signs posted there on the farms in the Heartland were anti-abortion signs.  The best of the lot said– “All those who are pro-abortion rights …Read More

It is an iconic image.  There he is with his tie-dyed T shirt and jeans on Aug. 15th 1969, standing in front of some 500-750,000 folks having been pushed out on the stage to perform by Michael Lang’s crew as …Read More

Dear Mr. Asbury: I’ve been itinerant again, and most times when I do this, I think about you— all those thousands of miles you road on horseback. How in the world did you do it?  I have about 50 flights …Read More